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Arousing Thunder: Refining Outward Aspects in Nature

Gregory Maronde


Our gallery show for the month of September features acrylic works from Lordscience Universal. From the artist:

"Collectively my creations are interwoven tapestry of patterns found embedded within the ancient cultures of Native America, India, and the Arabian Peninsula. As a painter, it is my greatest aim to evoke the spaced that cannot be perceived in totality through the transmogrification of dream and reality.

With Plato's allegory of the cave in mind, my works explore the dichotomy between physical existence and illusion. By applying abstraction to the concept of a landscape, I investigate the metaphysical dynamics of the cosmos including: the manipulation of time, the limitations of ordinary observation, and that which is situated beyond the boundaries of perception."


The show will be up at 51 Broadway through September. Stop on down and check out his works!