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5th Annual Gayer Pride - Crosswalk / Walk Off

Gregory Maronde

It came. It was fabulous. And we can't wait for next year! We here at Buffalo Exchange Colorado are proud to be leaders in the Broadway community, but we're extra stoked for our annual Pride event. June 16th marked our 5th year and it was our biggest, best yet!

We've taken Pride into our own hands and given it a Broadway identity. Our Crosswalk / Walk Off is roughly a two-hour pop up event with a DJ, some Queens, and a whole lotta attitude. It comes down to this: When the cars are given a red light and the pedestrian Walk lights up, each contestant gets to use the crosswalk as a runway and strut their stuff! The players cross to the other side, work the crowd while traffic continues, and get a second Walk sign to return. 

The event is swift. You have to have a look, stage presence, and a sense of humor to win over our judges. 

Carmen for the win

Carmen for the win

This year the crown was returned to Carmen, our winner from year three. She won our hearts when she did a back flip during her second round. A backflip. In heels. Whoa.




Crowd favorite this year has to go to Babashook. If you were living under a rock pre-Pride, maybe you're a little confused. The Babadook became a flash gay icon in the matter of minutes when Netflix mis-listed "The Babadook" under the LGBTQ section. When the Internet caught wind, a pop culture icon was born. Rather than the manifestation of a grieving woman's depression, the Babadook took on a new identity as a gay man who secretly loved men. Thus was born, the BabaSHOOK. Wooork, Babashook, woooork. 

Naturally, we want to take a moment to thank all of our sponsors who donate prizes to this event. It's because of their charity that the Queens walk away with a bag full of goodies. 

Specials thanks go out to Fancy Tiger, The Hornet, LowBrow, Go Fish, Decade, Sweet Action, Metropolis, Sputnik, Needz, Rosehouse, LivWell, and OtterJ. This event wouldn't be what it is without your support.

Click below to scroll through some more photos, courtesy of Otterj!

We'll see you next year!