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Up in Smoke

Gregory Maronde

We here at the old Buffalo Exchange are so excited to team up with MoP Denver to bring a new gallery show, "Up in Smoke," by Sev Collazo and Amaury Orozco. MoP Denver is a celebration of fine art photography, with hundreds of collaboration shows throughout the city. 

"Smoke is a visible suspension of carbon and/or other particles in the air, produced from a burning substance. It is often thought that smoke blocks or conceals an image. In actuality, smoke distorts and scrambles what is behind it. In photography, especially in portraiture, we are used to coming to conclusions from what we see as clear as crystal, remove that and we open a new layer. With smoke, the imagination can begin to play once again with what little imagery is given. All the while the smoke takes on its mysterious nature in full form."

We want to extend a huge thanks the Mark Sink, the director behind the Month of Photography Denver, and, of course, our artists Sev Collazo and Amaury Orozco. 


The show will be up throughout March, so stop down at 51 Broadway to check it out!