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Gayer Pride: Crosswalk Walk-Off 2016

Gregory Maronde

Gayer Pride is an event we at Buffalo Exchange host as part of Denver Pride. While Civic Center is packed to the brim with the usual Pride festivities, we strive to bring you something unique and extra colorful. An Otterj show in our Gallery 51 on Thursday opened our Pride weekend, setting the tone for our annual Cross Walk / Walk Off on Saturday.


Josh Olsen, the mind behind Otterj, released a series of portraits titled, "The Men of the Denver Eagle." The Eagle was a destination for Denver's leather scene where Olsen regularly captured shots of his otter crew and their antics. When The Eagle met its demise due to the whirlwind of Denver development, Olsen held an open call for portraits, thus resulting in this Warhol-inspired wallpapering. Additionally, Otterj released a book under the same project name. It was the perfect kickoff for our Gayer Pride weekend.


Now onto the Show!

Cross Walk / Walk Off, Gayer Pride 2016   

Cross Walk / Walk Off, Gayer Pride 2016


We are so proud of our Walk Off event. We want to make it known that South Broadway is a place for all people to express themselves. Our annual event consists of kings, queens, and everything in-betweens, vying for that little thing called Glory. Using our crosswalk as a runway, the competitors battle in the street for the crowd's approval and the judge's scores. When Officer Daddy blows his whistle and stops traffic, each contestant gets a green light walk across the street, a minute to work the crowd, and a green light walk signal to strut back. Looks and attitude carry the judge's scoring. 

This year was a perfect segue as the Men of Otterj arrived as special guest judges. They brought their scoreboards AND the glitter.

The Cross Walk / Walk Off opening ceremony- Otters glittering the streets.   

The Cross Walk / Walk Off opening ceremony- Otters glittering the streets.


After a heated first round, the final three came down to Gangles McGillicuddy, Steeler Magnloia, and Emotional Rescue Unicorn.

But don't fret! Officer Daddy Hot Cop was here to keep our Walkers Safe!

The Walkers battled in an intense Round 2 and received the judges scores..

And the Winner Is?.......................

Congratulations to Emotional Rescue Unicorn! This year's winner received a sweet stash of prizes from the South Broadway community. Thanks to all of our Walkers, our special guest judges, and everyone who came down to support this amazing event. We can't wait to see you again next year!