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Men's Pants, Fall 2015

Gregory Maronde

Image: reneebedell

Image: reneebedell

It's often said that men wear the pants in a relationship. But when your only relationship is with your wardrobe, it can be hard to not let the pants wear you! This past season we witnessed the rise of the drop-crotch and an influx of structured sweatpants. This fall we're still seeing these trends extending their reach to the masses, but there are a two new standouts to take a peek at.



Skinny silhouettes have been a strong trend for a number of years. And we get it. A fitted silhouette is complimentary to a number of body types. But according to Andrew Luecke over at, wide legged trousers got their start nearly 100 years ago at Oxford University. According to the fashion lore of old, a school-wide ban on knickers set off the trend for wide leg trousers, which the students wore with fitted sport coats. We're seeing this width in a variance of lengths. It offers a more relaxed, wearable comfort. 

Over at, we see these wide legged trousers being offered by fashion houses like Comme Des Garcons Homme and Maison Margiela.

Image: palmerharding

Image: palmerharding


The easiest and most noted trend catching fire is a cropped pant, with the hem riding just above the ankle. I've even seen this look on a number of you guys shopping here at the store. The cropped hem provides for a nice, clean break, allowing both a man's pant and shoe to shine. Furthermore, you can wear a crop in a skinny silhouette if you still desire, or you can try the cropped look with a relaxed, straight fit pant. Expect this look to be readily available with most online retailers, such as ASOS.


Image: asos

Image: asos