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Punk Love

Gregory Maronde


"Punk was something that at the time had an innocence to it; music and clothes," says Todd Colletti, owner and fashion overlord of Buffalo Exchange Colorado.

Colletti is known as a powerhouse in the Denver scene. His longtime commitment to style has forged many business partnerships and collaborations. Most recently, he teamed up with American Crew for a high intensity, high fashion runway show in Rome. His contribution? Loaning the hair product company his highly prized collection of punk jackets. 

The annual Revlon show draws 4,000 people to a new country every year. When David Reculia from American Crew reached out to Todd regarding his amazing collection, a little piece of Buffalo Exchange was off to Italy!

 Colletti's collection began in 1980, when he bought his first punk jacket (with a vintage motorcycle patch) from Buffalo Exchange on Helen St. in Tucson. Colletti's take on punk is very DIY. It takes hours to stud and paint. He relates punk to folk art. The nature of folk art is specific to its particular culture. When Colletti began donning a feather duster in his headband, he was really helping form that cultural identity. "It was ridiculous," he says. Yup. We agree. But that's punk!

And now the culture has risen from the undergrounds and streets to the runway. Fierce. Punk will never die! (Check out some photos Todd snapped below!)