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Light Years, Dark Years

Brooke Sargent

We love local music here at Buffalo Exchange.  Plum, a three-person Denver outfit reminiscent of the psychedelic rock n' roll days of the 1960s, releases their new EP tonight at the Hi Dive. We recently had the pleasure of sitting down and chatting with Kyle Emerson Miller, Ty Baron, and Jake Supple about their release and some of their fashion and style influence.

Tell us what we can expect from the new EP?

Kyle: The new EP is definitely driven by guitars and vocal melodies.  We worked out the arrangements pretty intensely and they turned out quite nicely in my opinion.
Ty:  Lots of raw rock n' roll moments with some unexpected musical twists thrown in too.  Like if you were watching Goodfellas and someone came up and whispered the twist at the end of Shutter Island into your ear every few minutes.
Jake:  Hmm. Well there's a good amount of variety within certain boundaries.  Some tracks rock really hard, while some are more of a journey.  It was a first attempt at writing a collective group of songs together.  I would like to promote the idea of going into the listening process with an open mind rather than expecting anything, though.  I think that's how the record intends for you to listen to it.

What has been your favorite show to date?

Kyle:  Opening up for Jeff and the Brotherhood at the Fox Theatre in Boulder was a great experience.  The crew was awesome, and JTB treated us very kindly.
Ty:  Opening for Charles Bradley without a doubt.  Not only is the guy a legend but that being our first show at the Bluebird made it  really memorable.
Jake:  Usually I love really packed out smaller venues, but when we had the pleasure of opening up for Charles Bradley, the audience was really responsive.  That was my favorite show to date, there's not much out there that can compete with the feeling of playing in front of a lot of people.  It's a great feeling because when the audience is feeling it, your presence is amplified and that relationship between the crowd and us feels amazing.

What's next for Plum?

Kyle:  Making a new record in February.

Ty:  Keep writing and recording as much as we can.

Jake:  We are filtering through some new songs in preparation for the next release. After we sort them out and touch up the arrangements, it’s off to the studio. 

Who is your style icon?

Kyle:  Paul Newman.
Ty:  Jim Morrison
Jake:  Damn, so many. I love really expressive people, especially the ones who can hone in multiple styles. Eric Clapton stayed so relevant throughout the years with his haircuts and wardrobe; I like seeing an individual change looks as their personality develops with age. But I also like the over the top guys, Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, John Lennon, they were wearing vintage stuff when it was the 60’s, so if you could imagine getting your hands on some artifacts from the 1910’s/20’s… you could embellish your style a little further. There was just such a social awakening back in the 60’s when self-expression was really developing-I think that’s why I love the styles from that era the most. 

If you could trade lives with one person, who would it be?

Kyle:  Ty Baron, I mean...what a guy.

Ty:  I would be Jake. That guy is awesome. 

Jake:  Man, if I could just be Kyle for a day, I love that guy. 

What's your favorite Buffalo Exchange find?

Kyle:  It's between a navy blue suede jacket from the 70s or my girlfriend.

Ty:  All three of my favorite coats are from Buffalo Exchange.

Jake:  I’ve got a super 70’s football jersey style t-shirt that says “Las Vegas” and then a big 86 on the front and back. Fits like a glove. 

If you were stranded on a desert island who would you eat first?

Kyle:  Donald Trump

Ty:  Me...but while all of our lives are still switched.

Jake:  I’d probably eat Kyle, but I would want to eat him while I was Kyle and Kyle was Ty, so that I wouldn’t have to hear Kyle’s jokes anymore, but then when I look in the water and see my reflection it’s like, “Heyyy Kyleeee, miss you bro, miss your jokes”.