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Buffalo Exchange Blog | Colorado Vintage Clothing & Sustainable Fashion Ideas

The Buffalo Exchange Blog is your source for the latest sustainable fashion news, updates, trends, and vintage looks. Learn more and see our favorite looks.

Arousing Thunder: Refining Outward Aspects in Nature

Gregory Maronde


Our gallery show for the month of September features acrylic works from Lordscience Universal. From the artist:

"Collectively my creations are interwoven tapestry of patterns found embedded within the ancient cultures of Native America, India, and the Arabian Peninsula. As a painter, it is my greatest aim to evoke the spaced that cannot be perceived in totality through the transmogrification of dream and reality.

With Plato's allegory of the cave in mind, my works explore the dichotomy between physical existence and illusion. By applying abstraction to the concept of a landscape, I investigate the metaphysical dynamics of the cosmos including: the manipulation of time, the limitations of ordinary observation, and that which is situated beyond the boundaries of perception."


The show will be up at 51 Broadway through September. Stop on down and check out his works!


30th Annual AIDS Walk Colorado

Gregory Maronde


We at Buffalo Exchange Colorado were proud to be participants in the 30th Anniversary AIDS Walk Colorado. Serving nearly 4,000 individuals living with HIV/AIDS, the Colorado AIDS Project operates six offices across the state of Colorado. 

This year, more than 8,000 people came together to raise money and awareness for services for those living with HIV/AIDS. We just want to give a big shout out to everyone who got involved!



5th Annual Gayer Pride - Crosswalk / Walk Off

Gregory Maronde

It came. It was fabulous. And we can't wait for next year! We here at Buffalo Exchange Colorado are proud to be leaders in the Broadway community, but we're extra stoked for our annual Pride event. June 16th marked our 5th year and it was our biggest, best yet!

We've taken Pride into our own hands and given it a Broadway identity. Our Crosswalk / Walk Off is roughly a two-hour pop up event with a DJ, some Queens, and a whole lotta attitude. It comes down to this: When the cars are given a red light and the pedestrian Walk lights up, each contestant gets to use the crosswalk as a runway and strut their stuff! The players cross to the other side, work the crowd while traffic continues, and get a second Walk sign to return. 

The event is swift. You have to have a look, stage presence, and a sense of humor to win over our judges. 

Carmen for the win

Carmen for the win

This year the crown was returned to Carmen, our winner from year three. She won our hearts when she did a back flip during her second round. A backflip. In heels. Whoa.




Crowd favorite this year has to go to Babashook. If you were living under a rock pre-Pride, maybe you're a little confused. The Babadook became a flash gay icon in the matter of minutes when Netflix mis-listed "The Babadook" under the LGBTQ section. When the Internet caught wind, a pop culture icon was born. Rather than the manifestation of a grieving woman's depression, the Babadook took on a new identity as a gay man who secretly loved men. Thus was born, the BabaSHOOK. Wooork, Babashook, woooork. 

Naturally, we want to take a moment to thank all of our sponsors who donate prizes to this event. It's because of their charity that the Queens walk away with a bag full of goodies. 

Specials thanks go out to Fancy Tiger, The Hornet, LowBrow, Go Fish, Decade, Sweet Action, Metropolis, Sputnik, Needz, Rosehouse, LivWell, and OtterJ. This event wouldn't be what it is without your support.

Click below to scroll through some more photos, courtesy of Otterj!

We'll see you next year!

What I Saw When My Eyes Went Wild

Gregory Maronde

"What I Saw When My Eyes Went Wild," was our whimsical gallery for the month of May. Using glass as a medium, Suzy Bates created a series of animals and nature-related images. This was one of our fastest selling shows, with nearly every piece going to a new, loving home! 


Buffalo Exchange Goes to Brussels

Gregory Maronde



In 2015, our big boss man Todd Colletti teamed up with American Crew to style a runway show in Rome, using his personal collection of leather jackets. That was the tipping point for what has become an amazing collaboration between Buffalo Exchange Colorado and American Crew, the biggest hair product line for men. This season was a smash hit as we prepared for the road to Brussels. 

The American Crew All Star Challenge is a one-week event held in Europe. Each year, American Crew holds a challenge for up and coming hairstylists. With entries from 30 countries, the top 15 are invited to compete. This year the competition was held in Brussels, Belgium- home to the European Union and delicious waffles. The final show was a huge production. Nearly 4,000 people descended on Brussels just for this show alone. 

For us, this all started months ago when we began working on the first of three categories to be styled. Drawing inspiration from Peaky Blinders, this collection offered fitted tweed suits, high collars, and, most importantly, beards! American Crew released a beard serum and this was their way of showing they are an on trend product. This collection had months of development, and was first used in a clock tower photo shoot in Denver, Colorado. Footage from the shoot was later compiled into a video and used at the show in Chicago, as well as the main stage in Brussels. The collection finally came to be knows as, "Clocktower."

"Clocktower" featured a unique pin-striped jumpsuit by Jean Paul Gaultier

"Clocktower" featured a unique pin-striped jumpsuit by Jean Paul Gaultier





The second segment of our show was the real show-stopper. Referred to as "Americana," these eight looks took inspiration from classic American work wear. Remember when you went to the gas station and the attendant was wearing a tie beneath his coveralls? That's the look! This collection took months of research and treasure hunting to procure the stellar Hero looks we turned out. From the mechanic to the collegiate to the man on his motorcycle, this was a fabulous display of masculine fashion in a style completely true to America.

"Morning Glory"

"Morning Glory"

Lastly, the category easiest on the eyes was "Morning Gory." Wake up, take a shower, maybe shave- yeah. Who doesn't love a beautiful man in the morning? Morning Glory featured black and white simplicity, allowing the hair to really own the stage. With an laid back elegance, these fellas rocked the runway and got the crowd cheering!

The entire production was a smash hit. We have to give a big shout out to Adam Mir from the UK, the winner of this year's All Star Challenge! Congrats, Adam! 

Oh, and Europe? We'll see you again next year!

Earth Day

Gregory Maronde

Earth Day is a mega event for our stores here in Colorado. Typically, an item of clothing that does not sell in our store gets donated to a local non-profit. For Earth Day, we save these donations for months and sell everything for just one dollar! These profits go to a different non-profit that we don't typically get to work with.

This year we raised just under a thousand dollars for the Humane Society. We just want to extend a huge thank you to everyone who came to shop and help us help a great cause!


Nature Human

Gregory Maronde

If you missed "Nature Human" by Paige Briscoe, then you've missed one of our bet gallery shows yet! 

Nature Human was our first live garden party. The bold aroma was particularly enticing, but the moss humanoids really stole the show!

With a two week run, our shoppers were free to frolic back to our gallery and pose among the foliage.  It was a perfect lead up to Earth Day!

Up in Smoke

Gregory Maronde

We here at the old Buffalo Exchange are so excited to team up with MoP Denver to bring a new gallery show, "Up in Smoke," by Sev Collazo and Amaury Orozco. MoP Denver is a celebration of fine art photography, with hundreds of collaboration shows throughout the city. 

"Smoke is a visible suspension of carbon and/or other particles in the air, produced from a burning substance. It is often thought that smoke blocks or conceals an image. In actuality, smoke distorts and scrambles what is behind it. In photography, especially in portraiture, we are used to coming to conclusions from what we see as clear as crystal, remove that and we open a new layer. With smoke, the imagination can begin to play once again with what little imagery is given. All the while the smoke takes on its mysterious nature in full form."

We want to extend a huge thanks the Mark Sink, the director behind the Month of Photography Denver, and, of course, our artists Sev Collazo and Amaury Orozco. 


The show will be up throughout March, so stop down at 51 Broadway to check it out!


Cutouts // Zoa Ace

Gregory Maronde

On February 3rd we hosted our first First Friday of the year, celebrating the works of Zoa Ace. Her show, Cutouts, offers of a mix of paintings and pop art collage. Her whimsy aesthetic is incredibly charming and will lure you right in!


The show will run in Gallery 51 through the end of the month. Stop in and take a look!

Even better? Every piece is up for sale. Get one before they're gone!


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A Fantastic Voyage - When Buff Ex Goes Bowie

Gregory Maronde

In November, Todd Colletti (Buffalo Exchange Colorado) partnered again Paul Wilson (Art & Science) for another runway smash hit. As part an an annual fundraiser called Art & Soul, a number of talented people came together to raise money for the National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI). Todd and a couple of his assistants loaded the truck, and drove straight through to Chicago.

As a special treat, we pulled out all the stops to bring glam rock's David Bowie back to life. With the help of a local designer, we were able to make reproductions of some of Bowie's most iconic looks. Held in the beautiful Ravenswood Event Center, our Bowies strutted like the Rebel Rebels they are, and brought down the house. 

The event was a huge success



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Photo Credit Jasmin Shah